Energy Saving


Reduce your electricity bill and increase your competitiveness

Energy saving is an infinite source of clean energy that can help any company reduce energy waste and the cost of the electricity bill. Besides new renewable energies, energy saving is one of the best ways to fight climate change and pollution.

Eco Black Box is a tool to increase energy efficiency and it can be used and adapted to any sector: a small-medium enterprise, SME, a large industrial complex, a large company, a hotel, a hotel chain, a hypermarket, a shopping center or integrated into a chain store group.

Discover which Eco Black Box model is most suited for your sector and your company.

Energy Saving for small and medium enterprises – SME


Is yours a small or medium enterprise? Evaluate with us your potential energy saving by installing an Eco Black Box in your company.

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Energy Saving for Large industries and energy companies


Are you the owner or energy manager of a large industry with high energy costs? Using Eco Black Box it is possible to save money on your electricity bill.

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Energy Saving for Hotels, Hotel Chains and HO.RE.CA.


Energy saving within an hotel facility can generate an important reduction in electricity costs. Installing Eco Black Box means optimizing consumption and reducing waste.

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Energy Saving for Hypermarkets, Shopping Centres and chain store groups


Large energy companies such as hypermarkets, shopping centers or large-scale retail distribution infrastructures can achieve a significant reduction in energy costs thanks to the Eco Black Box project.

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