Electric economizer Eco Black Box

Guaranteed energy efficiency and savings

Eco Black Box is an electric economizer entirely made in Italy using electronic and electromechanical technologies integrated in a single autonomous system, to give electric systems real energy efficiency for guaranteed energy savings.

What is an Electric Economizer?

An electric economizer or current optimizer, is technology controlled by an electronic system that measures the grid conditions, for example the voltage, current, harmonic distortion, impedance, etc. and checks the load need overall and by using an algorithm it calculates the data in real time. Thanks to these technologies, the electric economizer gives the load a real energy efficiency level and thereby obtains the maximum energy saving.

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How does Eco Black Box work?

An electric economizer provides the optimum working conditions for the load connected to it with the highest possible energy saving.

Eco Black Box is connected in network to the Enrev data control center, and a special algorithm enables in fractions of a section to reach the highest working performance in using the electric current.

With Eco Black Box savings on the electricity bill from 5% to 20% can be obtained. To this is added optimum performance of the equipment with a reduced number of faults and overall better performance of the connected plant.

Electric Economizer

To optimize electric energy usage and stabilize the voltage.

Active harmonic high efficiency compensation

Improves performance for active harmonic compensation

Passive harmonic compensation

Improves performance for passive harmonic compensation
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Eco Black Box is designed to satisfy the energy efficiency needs of energy intensive companies: different power models and sizes, from 50 kVA to 2800 kVA.

Discover the most appropriate Eco Black Box model for your company.

ECO BLACK BOX installations

Remote control

Each Eco BlackBox electric economizer is connected in network to a dedicated server that controls, manages, and transfers to the Cloud all the usage and saving data in real time, supervising the efficiency and performance of the Eco Black Box 24/7, and it can be consulted at any time using the special App installed on your computer or portable device.

The Eco Black Box continuously updates the algorithm. This helps keep the real efficiency level tracker system constantly up to date, because the grid conditions constantly change.

Continual monitoring of the electric economizer performance and the voltage, current, harmonic distortion and impedance trends gives the end user all the data they need to carry out the company controls and evaluations.

We study and make tailored control and management systems for an individual company according to their specific indications.

Machine pool management

Remote assistance

Dedicated server

Free preliminary analysis

Collect the last 12 bills and evaluation of the electric plant scheme

The first step is to analyze the last twelve monthly bills and a general layout of the electric plant to understand the number of delivery points and if it is an electricity production plant (turbo-gas, biogas, or solar energy). With this information we can highlight the peaks, disharmony, repetitive usage schemes, rates, and penalty charges.

Using this first analysis we develop a free preliminary quotation that is as precise as possible, as we know what savings can be obtained with Eco Black Box.

With the preliminary quote you can understand the saving flow scheme that will give you your return on your investment.

Usage Analysis

Analytical analysis of energy usage and simulation of the economizer functions

mPQ analyzer is an electronic instrument that analyses the network data in real time and simulates the Eco BlackBox functions (even before it is installed), formulating the percentage of energy saved during the analysis period (usually 7 days).

Made and developed by Enrev, mPQ analyzer identifies the real energy efficiency level needed for the analyzed grid loads to improve energy efficiency and save on electricity bills.

The collected data is analyzed and related to the bill certificate trend (on an annual basis) and the expected saving is identified, this result enables us to guarantee the payback in a contract for the appliance we propose.

The analysis result is the Power Quality report, that photographs the trend of all the network parameters needed to identify the saving percentages guaranteed by the contract after installation.

Tax benefits

Super and Hyper depreciation


The Eco BlackBox electric economizer uses 4.0 technology. The end user (in Italy) can obtain considerable tax benefits for 2018 depending on the customer’s business.

The italian National Industry Plan 4.0 provides various actions to increase company investments in energy efficiency, and of the tools that are available, whoever decides to invest in Eco Black Box can obtain the super and hyper depreciation.

IPMVP protocol

Performance measurement and verification protocol


The International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP ® ) is based on the best practices used to verify the energy efficiency results. It is useful for evaluating the economic and energy benefits generated by actions to improve energy efficiency.

Solutions for your company

After analyzing the usage and evaluating the final Power Quality Report, we send a final quotation with the contractually guaranteed saving.

The final quotation can be offered for sale, leasing or operative hire (we work with a few financial operators who have certified the financial validity of our equipment).

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Operative hire


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