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EnRev Srl – Eco Black Box

Energy Revolution

Eco Black Box: the Energy Revolution for your company

Enrev Srl is a project that began in 2015 from the collaboration of leading companies with 30 years’ experience in electromagnetic and electronic automation.

Enrev Srl makes and distributes the Eco Black Box 4.0, a product specifically designed for enterprise to help them obtain considerable energy bill savings, therefore have more market edge and protect the environment because less energy is used.

Italian distribution of Eco Black Box 4.0 is exclusively by Phi Energy Srl, which manages the sales network and the business hunters (work with us!).

So far systems have been supplied to pharmaceutical groups, building material industries, plastic molding companies, breweries, beverage manufacturers, integrated plumbing systems, resin and plastics manufacturers, glassworks, cold chain logistics companies, paper mills, chain stores and large-scale retail companies, marble machining companies, ceramic manufacturers, poultry breeding plant and numerous hotels.

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Reduced atmospheric emissions.


Increase your company competitiveness


System energy restructuring

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