Eco Black Box

An Energy Economizer to help business save energy

What it is

Eco BlackBox is an electric economizer equipped with electronic and electromechanical technology integrated in a single system.

What it is used for

It improves the working condition of the load connected to it with maximum energy saving.

How it works

Connected to the Enrev data control center, a special algorithm activates the Eco BlackBox electronics, and in fractions of a second reaches the highest working performance in using the electric current.

The advantages

The advantages are savings on the electricity bill (from 5% to 20%), excellent equipment functions with a reduced number of faults, and overall improved performance of the system.

Eco Black Box is the solution to just use the energy you need

A project conceived from collaboration with leading companies with 30 years’ experience in electromagnetic and electronic automation.

Eco Black Box is a project conceived by Enrev Srl: an electric energy economizer designed to improve energy performance. Due to the increases in electricity costs, energy consumption has become a dead weight in business competitiveness.

High energy efficiency is one of the main recommendations to save energy and reduce electricity consumption. Beginning with an energy balance sheet, i.e. analyzing the last 12 electricity bills and the potential saving by using an electric economizer, we are able to calculate energy consumption. The potential saving determines the payback period for the investment. Furthermore, there are also tax benefits for energy saving.

Discover how to save energy and money.

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